A romantic choral work, experimental chamber music, musical theater, practical church music - all this is part of Arjan’s musical output.

Some compositions:

  • Sing! – A small cantata (2010)
    soloists AB; choir SATB; orchestra: timp str bc
    Download the full score for free
  • Factus est repente (2010)
    organ; saxophone quartet; timpani + tubular bells; contrabass
  • Lodewijk Napoleon in Brabant (2009)
    musical theater; libretto: Jace van de Ven; soloists; choir SATB; youth choir; orchestra: trumpet-saxophone-euphonium-percussion-guitar/banjo-piano-harmonium-contrabass
  • Stabat Mater speciosa (2006)
    choir SSATB; organ (version for harp in 2009)
  • Serenade (2005)
    2 oboes; 2 clarinets; 2 bassethorns; 2 bassoons; 4 horns; contrabass
  • Silence (2005)
    piano four hands
  • Psalm [Paul Celan] (2005)
    alto solo; choir SSATBB-SSATBB; piano
  • Todesfuge [Paul Celan] (2004)
    choir SATB-SATB; cello; contrabass; organ of harmonium
  • Entrada (2004)
    brass quintet; timpani; organ
  • Domine salvam fac (2004)
    soloists SATB; choir SATB; brass quintet; timpani; organ
  • Hymne (2004)
    soloists SATB; choir SATB; brass quintet; timpani; organ

Furthermore: many liturgical compositions (mostly for choir SATB; assembly; piano and/or organ)