‘Lezen in bed’: Cabaret Songs

In the last two years I wrote some cabaret songs on texts by Judith ter Hofstede and Lindy van den Muijsenberg. Funny texts with a twist, but serious issues are covered as well. I wrote these songs following the example set by Harry Bannink, a famous Dutch composer who wrote over 3000 songs. His ‘secret’: composing is a matter of craft instead of something that has to do with divine inspiration (or whatever). So for some time I started working on this project early in the morning, and after one hour (or even less) a song was finished. Next song!

Together with singer Kyra van Camerijk I made a selection of 8 songs. In September 2017 we recorded these songs with a small band, consisting of Toon Kessels (double bass), Hans Raaijmakers (drums) and myself (piano). Kyra sang, and Rick de Vos (Alpha Wave Music) was the sound engineer. The cd will be released on November 1. Order your copy now! Price: EUR 10,-